In the interest of full disclosure, and to comply with FTC rulings, I wanted to put together a statement about any remuneration I might receive from this blog.

Let me start by saying that the purpose of this blog is not to make money. The primary purpose of this blog is to share my experiences as a person with chronic illness. As a part of telling my own individual story and shedding light on chronic illness, I will post links to products I use, have purchased myself, and recommend. These will most likely be affiliate links to Amazon and so I am disclosing that now. I will not now or ever post a link to a product that I do not have personal experience with or recommend. If I receive a product for free in exchange for a review, I will disclose this clearly in the post and only give my thoughtful and honest opinion. I do not anticipate having sponsored posts, but should that happen I will disclose this in the individual post and clearly define that partnership below on this page.

If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to ask. I’m all about transparency. This isn’t a money making venture for me, I just want to offset my own costs when possible.