Sephora Play! May 2016 Unboxing: I finally got off the waitlist!

I’ve been waiting to get off the Sephora waitlist for quite a few months. Mid-March I got a notification that signups were open, but it took some seriously hokey pokey to make it work. I had to use a new email that I hadn’t used to sign up originally. I also had to download and use the Sephora app (an experience in and of itself) to sign up. After 10 or so tries, it went through and I was signed up. Since then, I’ve been waiting to see if the Play! subscription lives up to all the hype (and the $10 cost).

The waiting is over! Here’s what’s in the box:

Sephora Play May 2016 Contents

  • Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair Hair Mask
    • I got this in another box a couple months ago and really enjoyed it, so I was happy to get another (much larger sample) to use. I have fine and thin hair, so this sample is many uses for me. This stuff smells lovely and natural (probably because of all the natural products that go in to making it). I’m not sure if I’d splurge on a full size, at $36 for 8 oz. They recommend using this either as a 5-10 minute rinse-out mask, or under a shower cap + hair dryer for 30 minutes. I prefer the longer method, as I feel like I get better no-breakage benefits from that – something my pathetic hair definitely needs.
  • Korres Wild Rose Sleeping Facial
    • I’ve actually tried this before, via Sephora…and am THRILLED to get another sample of it. I alternated this with my Julep Night Shift mask and found my skin was brightened and more moisturized than when I was just using the Night Shift mask alone. I’m pretty sensitive to smells, so when I first put this on I found it a little overwhelming. It does fade well to a nice floral, soothing scent. I think it’s rather nice for falling to sleep, honestly. Also, I’m a stomach sleeper (to the woe of every healthcare professional I’ve ever met). I was really worried that this would muck up my pillow case or wear off so much as to not do any good. I didn’t have those problems at all, but I do like to read before bed, so I made sure to apply this and read for a bit to let it soak in/dry before falling asleep. Again, I’m not sure I’d buy the full size at $48 for a 1.35 jar. I’ve been exploring K-Beauty sleeping packs lately, and I have a feeling I could find the same benefits in one of those products for less price. That said, I still really do like this stuff (I’m just cheap 😛 )
  • Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick in Kimchi
    • I LOVE me some Bite lipstick. Their formula is creamy dreamy and full of food-safe ingredients, which I really like. I saw the color “Kimchi” in a spoiler and immediately though: 1) how did they decide to call a shocking pink color Kimchi (kimchi is definitely a beautiful, lip appropriate color…just not pink). 2) I am going to hate this color on my lips. I stand by my first thought, but I was certainly wrong about the second. The pink is deeper? than I thought it would be and really does look nice on my lips. I put this on a few different ways. First, I applied it sheered out (because I was scared, okay?!) and it looked bad ass – I will for sure wear it this way. Second, I put it on full strength. It looked really lovely, but it just too bold for me personally to wear out and about very often. Third, I applied Bite Beauty’s Opal lipstick over the top…and hello nurse was it sexy. Inspired by this, I also tried Shiro’s Alkhestry Lip Gloss over the top, which was another winner. I absolutely wouldn’t have picked this out for myself, but I’m glad to have it in my collection. The formula is to die for and the color is workable for me in a lot of ways. I remain a Bite Lipstick zealot.
  • Tarte Tartiest Lip Crayon in Latergram
    • I’m a big Tarte fan, and have used a number of their lip products before, but haven’t tried their lip crayons before. In previews and on the Sephora site, this color looks much different than what appeared on my skin. It’s described as “mauve” which neither the website nor my swatches seem to match. That said, it’s still super lovely and something I will use regularly. I used this with Kat Von D’s liquid lip in Lolita, and the lip crayon matched really well. I’m not sure I really need to use a lip crayon with the KVD ELL forumla (look how cool I am with my acronyms), but I wanted to test it out. I will mention that the Tarte liner has a very dry formula, which took a little work to get used to. It does have serious staying power – the swatch wouldn’t come off with a makeup wipe + scrubbing, but did come off with Garnier Micellar Water (blue cap).
  • Atelier Orange Sanguine Perfume
    • I’ve received this in a past gift-with-purchase from Sephora, about 3 weeks ago. Both times the sample came packaged in a wax paper bag, along with a beautiful postcard. I hate to say it, but I just don’t like this scent. It’s reminiscent of orange cleaners or Goo-Gone 🙁 I wish the orange scent was zestier and held together with more spring notes, making it lighter and brighter. Instead, this scent settles in to something dark and almost sickening (at least to me). I thought it might be my body chemistry, but I’ve definitely seen similar feedback on other forums. This is going in to my bottomless perfume sample basket, in hopes that I find someone that this works for some day.
  • Origins Mask Primer + Charcoal Mask & Sleeping Pack
    • I love Origins products, both for their company philosophies and their effectiveness for my skin. I’m also mask-obsessed. So, these samples are right up my alley! The tiny spray bottle is the “Mask Optimizer” which promises to open your skin up to receive more benefits from your masks, like a mask primer. I tried it today under a sheet mask that I use regularly and didn’t see/feel a difference over what I usually gain from the mask. For what it’s worth, I’ve always used a toner before masks/packs so perhaps I would have noticed a bigger difference if I hadn’t been using those all along. If that’s the case, maybe it’s more cost effective to use a good toner instead. I haven’t used the sleeping mask yet, so I can’t provide an honest review there. But I can say that the Origins Charcoal Mask is one of the first masks I’ve ever used and something I still reach for. I apply it mainly to my T-zone, but I love what it does for my combo skin and large pores.

Have you tried out Sephora Play! yet? Or, tried any of the products sampled this month?


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