“Through the Looking Glass” May LitCube Unboxing!

This is my first LitCube (affiliate link) ever…and if the rest of the months go like this one, I’m hooked! Alice in Wonderland is one of my favorite books from childhood, and I’ve really been enjoying the newest takes on the Through the Looking Glass saga. LitCube is a subscription for book-lovers, which promises a “Readable”, a “Wearable, ” and a “Eatable” in every box. They also guarantee you’ll get some additional unnamed goodies. Cost of the cube is $35, which I’m very happy with paying for what I received. If you’re a Gilmore Girls fan, like me, you might be interested to know that they have a subscription launching soon specifically for us! The subscription is called the “Stars Hallow Monthly” and promises to have tons of custom goodies in each box. When I signed up for LitCube, I also grabbed myself a Luke’s Diner handbag, which is still available for pre-order.

Here’s what’s in this months box…

LitCube - May

  • Mad Hatter T-Shirt
    • This is the wearable for the month. I’m a plus sized woman with a well endowed chest, so graphic tees are something I’m always hesitant to buy. I was pleasantly surprised when this fit straight out of the box, very true to size. I was less surprised when I saw the brand, Gildan, which always fits well on my frame. These are also nice quality fabric and well printed, which I really appreciate. I’ve always appreciated the “We’re All Made Here” aspect of the Mad Hatter, which this fits with perfectly. The printing is hot pink on a black knit tee.
  • “Eat Me” Cookie
    • This came from Sweets by Steph and was almost too cute to eat…almost! The cookie was a lovely butter cookie, crisp and flaky, with pink royal icing and black lettering. It was also dusted with a lovely pearl powder that totally fit the theme. I was very impressed that the cookie tasted as good as it looked…something that can be hard to find it decorated cookies. I enjoyed this with a glass of tea in my own little Mad Hatter’s Tea Party.
  • “Alice Takes Back Wonderland” by David D. Hammons
    • This is May’s readable. I’ve started reading this, but not finished it so I promise no major spoilers here. So far, I’ve gleaned that the book is about Alice’s return to Wonderland following a life affected by the madness caused from her first visit as a child. Alice’s return trip is full of genre and character mashups that are, so far, making for a great read. The tone the author set for the book feels very appropriate for Wonderland and it’s nonsensical nature. Technically this is classified as a Young Adult book, but I feel like this is definitely one that will entertain an audience well past those age ranges. This is such an enjoyable read I think I’ll have it finished in the next couple days. The pace is as quick as the author’s whit here.
    • It’s also worth noting that the autor, David D. Hammons, included a letter directly to LitCute readers explaining his process is crafting this novel. I won’t spoil it, but I will say that his reason in writing this novel was deeply personal and a journey that makes me appreciate the book even more.
  • Alice in Wonderland Zipper Bag
    • This is a super cute vinyl bag that was custom made just for LitCube. I love the teal and purple color scheme, as well as the graphic on the bag. It’s very well made and plenty big to hold my every growing bookmark collection.
  • Through the Looking Glass Mirror
    • This mirror is also custom made for LitCube, and the design on the front is the “theme” design for the month. The mirror flips open, clam shell-style. It’s held closed by a magnet. It’s a perfect pocket or purse mirror, though I’ve personally been using it as a pill case.
  • Alice Bookmark and Two Prints
    • Nothing super fancy, but artwork done just for LitCube. Artwork style is adorable and the printing quality is just fine. The paper is plenty thick and glossy. I’ve been using the bookmark in this month’s book, of course. I couldn’t decide what to do with the prints, but so far they’ve been acting as bookmarks in my adult/advanced coloring books. They seem to work quite well for that!

Lit Cube May

Since I’m new to the world of book subscriptions, I could use some recommendations. Do you have any book-fandom subscriptions that you love?

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