Fortune Cookie Soap Summer 2016 Unboxing/Review

Hello there fellow lovers of Indie beauty products. If you’re not familiar with Fortune Cookie Soap, I highly recommend that you check them out. They’re a very small operation that does some pretty fantastic themed collections (think Doctor Who, Willy Wonka, Star Wars, Harry Potter, etc). They also have a subscription box…and we all know how addicted to those babies I am! I’ve been subbing to the FCS soap box for almost a year now, with this most recent box being my 4th one. Each theme just keeps getting better and better! The 2016 Summer theme is FINDING NEMO!!! This is easily one of my favorite “I’m so friggin’ sick” movies, so I was super excited when I popped this badass box open.

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On to the goodies! Here’s what it’s included in the box:

  • Fortune Cookie Soap in Shark Bait 
    • These are their flagship products. They’re honestly not my favorite soaps. They’re awkward to use in the shower or bath. They almost need to be placed in a soap bag (on of those knit types) to get it from just totally dissolving. I’ve taken to breaking these apart and using them as solid bubble bath. They work REALLY well for that purpose. I wouldn’t go out of my way to buy these for myself, but they are a fun gift item. One note about these: Use them pretty soon after you receive them (a month or so seems to be the tipping point). For whatever reason, unlike every other FCS item I’ve tried, the scent really fades in these over time. When I use them fresh, the scent is strong and imparts on my skin well. After a month or two, I can really smell it at all (either in the package or when in use). I’m not sure if that’s because they are stored in wax paper bags, or the formula, etc. Next time I get one with a scent that doesn’t thrill me, I plan to store it in a ziploc and see if that improves it.
  • OCD Hand Sanitizer in Lil’ Blue
    • As a person with an OCD diagnosis, I have to admit I get a kick out of this. I mean, hey, sometimes you’ve gotta laugh about the hand (or in this case hand sanitizer) that you’re dealt. Hand sanitizer is something I pretty much can’t exist without, as it is one of the items my OCD tends to latch on to. The FCS version smell fantastic and isn’t drying; in fact, I find it more moisturizing than any sanitizer I’ve tried. The pear and plum notes of this scent really come through. They rest on top of the sandalwood nicely, though the twist of amber gets lost on me.
  • Whipped Cream in INTERVENTION!
    • The formulation on these whipped creams are to die for. They’re so moisturizing, but don’t leave you greasy at all. A little bit goes a long way, but the scent lingers for quite a while. I like these small jars that come in the soap box because they fit well in my purse. This particular scent is heavy on the coconut, but I wish there was more pineapple. The coconut is a natural, smooth version of the scent instead of a fake cloying scent.
  • Perfume Oil in Whale Talk
    • Shut your dirty mouth! This perfume is my jam. The black currant, jasmine, and grapefruit are the heaviest notes when this has mellowed on my skin. But you do catch hints of the strawberry and avocado as well. FCS perfume oils last a good long while on my skin, which is more than I can say for some perfume oils (many companies’ oils fade within a couple ours on me). I’d gladly buy this oil in a full size.
  • Don’t Be Jelly Soap in Jellyman
    • The formula of this jelly soap is REALLY thick, like a gummy rather than jelly. Nothing wrong with that IMO; makes it easier to use honestly. There’s something in this scent that I don’t care for…I’m wondering if maybe it’s the guava? That said, once it’s in use (not just being smelled straight from the jar) I really enjoy it. It’s much more watermelon when in use.
  • Spray Lotion in Aqua Scum
    • Shut your face and take all my money! This is my favorite product of this box. It’s thick enough to stay where you spray it, but not so thick as to clog the sprayer. The lotion is (obviously) not as moisturizing as the whipped cream, but much more moisturizing than a lot of the spray lotions I’ve tried (looking at you Dove aerosol). The scent of this is fantastic. It’s described as “juicy lychee, crisp apple, and mouth watering peach nectar.” I was worried that the apple would dominate here, but the peach/lychee combo is what I smell most, even as it soaks in to the skin. I’d glad snag other products in this scent from FCS, for sure.
  • Lip Gloss in Ooooooooh…Barracuda
    • Yes, I did count all those O’s. I was worried that the pink color of this meant that it was a tinting balm (which tend to look silly on my lips, for some reason). It does look like it might be tinting my lips, but it’s so faint it’s hard to tell. The color just ends up looking like my skin, but more moisturized. The scent is a trio of melons (cantaloupe, honeydew, and watermelon) with a hint of lime. The lime is there, but just as a brightening scent. The cantaloupe is what I smell most and I’m totally fine with that. I wish the packaging had a fun label on it so that I remember what this product was once it’s been in my purse a while.
  • Pedi-Bomb in Fin. Noggin. Duuude.
    • This item highlights my biggest frustration with FCS. I’ve ordered a bunch of bath bombs and solid bath bars from them in the past. More often than not *some* part (sometimes all) are broken/crushed. It doesn’t super matter to me because I’m just going to use them, but if I were buying them for a gift it would super piss me off. That said, their bombs/baths do perform very well. Although I haven’t tried this particular bomb yet, I have had their pedi-bombs before in past boxes. They’re a really fun way to pamper myself and make my tired feet feel great. This scent was described as “lemon-lime fizzy pop floating with orchids and a curl of white chocolate.” I totally thought “ugh” when I read that because of the white chocolate…and now I feel foolish. The lemon lime sugar scent is lovely and bright, while the orchids round out the scent with a rich floral note. The white chocolate truly is an accent and provides an earth cream note. I like this scent a lot, though I don’t know how it will perform in the hot water…looking forward to finding out.

Over all impressions

This box is tied with my last box, in terms of scents I love. Both the Spring and Summer boxes were filled with fruity and floral scents, in a combination of bright notes and sultry notes. They were light on the gourmand scents, with I prefer reserving for colder weather, if I wear them at all. I feel like the diversity of products is pretty good, wish some one time use items and some that last me for months. I like that everything is very small in size so storage is easy, and I always take some of these when traveling. The hand sanitizers and whipped creams are ALWAYS in my purse. I’m not sure of the actual value vs. what I paid. That said, I enjoy this box enough I haven’t bothered to do a breakdown. The price is worth it to me for the joy I get out of the box. Dare I say, this sub sparks joy for me? Har har har, yes I just read that book and now I can’t stop thinking about it. Side note: I’m sorry for thinking you were crazy for talking to your purse, Mom. I get it now, I really do.

Has anyone else tried the Fortune Cookie Soap subscription service? If so, how’d it go for you?

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