May Naturally Radiant Curated Birchbox – Reviews + Swatches

This month’s curated Birchbox is called Naturally Radiant. The focus of the theme is all about the no-makeup makeup look (my favorite, because seriously I be lazy). I chose this box on my more mature account (my newer account went for the 3-minute body peel selection). I really loved the look of this box and am going to save it to store foil samples on my vanity.

If you want to check out Birchbox, you can use this here affiliate link to get $5 off your first box. In the interest of disclosure, I’d get $5 too if you use that link (thanks for that if you do). Birchbox is currently offering a Pixi Eye Shadow Palette free for new sign ups. Just use code “PIXIPALETTE”. I think there are other codes out there, but that’s the best value I’ve seen.

On to the reviews!

  • Davines Love Shampoo and Conditioner I haven’t used this yet, but it does smell AMAZING! If it’s anywhere near as good as the OI stuff I got last box, I’ll be thrilled. I have fine, thin hair and a little bit of this stuff goes a long way. My foil samples last me 3-4 washes from the last box. I’m definitely planning on buying a shampoo and conditioner from one of their lines next time I have the BB points to spare. Yay for a bonus sample to review for an extra 10 points. I’m such a sucker for those extra point rewards.
  • Model Co. Lip Lacquer For some reason I assumed this would be a matte style liquid lipstick because that seems to be so popular in boxes these days. It’s actually a semi-stick, high shine lip gloss. I actually really like the color on my lips and I’m not one who minds a sticky gloss…so this is a winner for me. The scent of this is what I’d call “classic vanilla lip gloss.”
  • Coola SPF Setting Spray I really like this concept and the execution of this spray. A lot of SPF products really irritate my sensitive skin, but this stuff went on lightly and didn’t make me break out. I like that I can get SPF protection without having to change my favorite moisturizer (which doesn’t have SPF in it). The setting aspect didn’t work as well as my favorite (Urban Decay) but did work just about as well as the Nyx setting spray. I like that it features hyaluronic acid for more moisturizing benefits.
  • Clean Blossom Perfume This is a clean (see what I did there) scent that’s really enjoyable and seems like it will wear well in warm weather. The sandalwood isn’t too strong and the orange blossom brightens. I’m not huge on neroli, but I can live with what’s here. I wouldn’t probably buy this but the sample is nice enough.
  • Benefit Hoola Matte Bronzer So…I totally thought this was one of those BS hype products that bloggers/YTers gush over but is just another thing I’d buy and put in my drawer, never to see the light of day again. Geez, was I wrong. I could feel how creamy dreamy this was in the pan when I ran a finger through it to swatch. Seriously, it looks and feels like the softness suede in the world. It applies very lightly if you want, or build it up for a bold color. The color is really flattering on my uber pale skin. It’s super easy to apply. I love it already and totally get what the hype is all about now. I plan to totally get some of this when the sample is out. For what it’s worth, the sample looks REALLY small, but I think it will last me quite a while. I’m really curious to get the full sized bronzer to try out the brush that comes with it. I know a lot of people really like that brush.

You can see the swatches below, taken in a combo of incandescent light and natural light. The overall value of the box is pretty good here, as far as Birchboxes go. I find that the curated boxes usually have the highest value on average (though the sample choice ones sometimes surprise with super value).

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