PinkSeoul April 2016 Unboxing and First Impressions

Note: There are no affiliate links here and PinkSeoul did not sponsor this post in anyway. I bought this box with my own money and, as always, all opinions are honest and my own.

I just discovered a relatively new to the subscription scene Korean beauty box, called PinkSeoul. The box is a little pricier than I generally spend on a sub, at $49.95 per box. That said, the boxes contain full size products (aside from a few samples that they throw in and don’t include in their estimated value). Also, the boxes only come once every two months, which will give me more time to use up products. According to the PinkSeoul website, their goals are a little different than the average Asian beauty subscription box I’ve come across:

  1. They’re all about customizing your box. The card included in my box specifically addressed my self-described skin type. It includes some skin care routine tips that address concerns unique to my skin type. It also highlighted some ingredients that work best on my skin type and are typically found in Korean beauty products. I found these recommendations especially helpful because many of these ingredients aren’t found in many Western products.
  2. They’re all about full sized products. “Since our goal is not to have our customers purchase full-size products after trying sample sized products, but rather to provide our customers with products that they can easily incorporate into their existing skincare routine without spending additional dollars.” Need I say more? I love that I get enough product to really know if it’s working for me. Nothing worse than “thanks for this foil sample of a product that requires months of use before you see an actual change in your skin.” (Okay, that’s totally a first world problem. There are absolutely things worse than that, but boohoo for me and my ridiculous foil sample collection).
  3. They’re all about curating perfection. The items sent to me don’t overlap; they make sense to try to slip them in to your already existing routine. Also, There’s a really handy card included with incredibly detailed information about how to get started with a Korean skincare routine. They give basic theory behind these routines, steps to outline your own routine, and daily activities vs. weekly activities. For a nooblet like myself, this is SO helpful!  Also worth noting is that the product description card gives tips/tricks on the products. I love that the editors of this box, who certainly have more experience with these products than I do, are helping me get the most out of the products. For example: The sheet masks have best practice style tips and the Black Sugar Mask had a tip that I wouldn’t have thought of trying unless they’d told me. Honestly, most product cards are just descriptions of the products, maybe a value of the box, and a beg for a social media shout out. PinkSeoul’s cards are something I really enjoyed reading and I plan to save in my beauty chest to reference later.

A note about PinkSeoul customer service:

I signed up one day after the cutoff for shipping the April boxes. I didn’t know this when I signed up, I was totally impulse buying. I got an email from their helpful customer service letting me know about the cutoff and giving me a choice: Either I could go ahead and wait for my box as it was scheduled, which would mean my first box wouldn’t come until June. Or they could ship me out the April box ASAP. Obviously I’m an instant gratification girl, so I picked the April box. It was very nice of them to email me unprompted and make that offer. I’m sure it worked out for them, too – so it’s a win-win!

A note about PinkSeoul subscriptions:

PinkSeoul has three options for subscriptions: The PinkSeoul Box, the PinkSeoul Plus Box, and the Mask Box.

  1. The PinkSeoul Box is $39.95 and guarantees at least 4 full sized products and an accessory.
  2. The Plus box is what I opted for, at $49.95. It says “recommended for 35+” which I’m assuming is age based? I looked at the past boxes and liked the Plus better, so even though I’m not 35+ this box seemed a better fit for my taste. This box also guarantees at least 4 full sized products and an accessory.
  3. The Mask box is $29.95 and guarantees 10 masks and an accessory.

So here’s what’s in my box:

First Impressions:

I’ve not used all of the items yet, but I’ll share thoughts of the ones I have. All in all, I’m crazy happy with this box and can’t wait to see what I get next time. The curators of this box went above and beyond to make me feel like they’re trying to watch out for their customers. Companies like this make it easy to want to keep subscribing.

  • The Verysix lip gloss is one I’ve gotten before in a subscription box. I LOVE it and use it regularly. In fact, I’m already half way through a tube…which let’s be honest, is pretty impressive. Finishing a lip product takes serious commitment! I was so bummed that it’s a limited edition color. When I saw that PinkSeoul was sending this out, it was a huge part of why I signed up. Ridiculous? Okay, probably a little.
  • The Hair Band is adorable and super comfortable. I have a larger head and was worried that it wouldn’t fit me. It’s snug enough not to slide around but not so snug that it’s going to squeeze its way off my head. I really like how thick the band is – gives me plenty of protection for getting my hair in a goopy mask.
  • I’ve been really wanting to try the SkinFood Black Sugar Mask. It’s another reason that I jumped on this sub. I used it straight after opening the box. It’s not really what I was expecting, which was more of a sugar lip scrub consistency. This is more of a gritty gel consistency, which sounds not as enjoyable as this mask actually feels. This goes on like a thick gel mask and sits nicely without dripping. The editors recommended thinning this out a bit with water, oil cleanser, or toner. I opted for water and it worked quite well. After 10 minutes, my face looked and felt amazing. Bonus: This mask smells DELICIOUS! Probably shouldn’t eat it…but if you do, I won’t judge you…much.
  • Black Snail All-In-One Cream was what I applied post sugar mask. I can’t tell you if this thing is working miracles yet, but it does feel lovely going on. I also really appreciated that the PinkSeoul editors noted that they were annoyed that this cream doesn’t come with a spatula, so they gave us one in a little PinkSeoul baggie.
  • Aloe Gel is something that I’ve always considered post sun-burn care and that’s it. As I don’t sun bathe/burn anymore (because I’m trying to be a real adult, damnit!) I didn’t really know what I’d do with this giant jar. Shouldn’t have worried because the PS editors have me covered! They gave at least 5 suggestions of ways to use this that I wouldn’t have considered. I chose to use this as an eye mask by soaking a couple cotton rounds and putting them in the fridge to chill. They felt fantastic on my post-crying swollen eyes today (hormones be hormoning, yo). Another suggestion I’m looking forward to for summer: mix some with foundation for a lighter weight, dewy look.
  • Note about the value of the box: The PS website says the box value is $117, but with “free samples” my calculations bring the box a little higher than that. I couldn’t find an easy way to calculate the value of one of the samples, so I left those out. I was told by someone that uses it regularly, that the snail cream is really over valued here (apparently Amazon Prime has it at around 1/3 this price). Even accounting that I could get it cheaper elsewhere, I still think the value of this box is fantastic (and above what I paid). Also, there’s value in the curating process to me – especially given the super detailed and helpful nature of the cards in the box and website. To me, there’s also value in having someone else be my personal shopping expert so that I don’t have to try 10 crappy products to find that one good one.



  1. Beth says:

    The Mizon cream is most definitely not worth $54. It retails for much less.

    The Missha mascara is very nice!

    • Quaticus says:

      Agreed! Definitely cheaper places to find it. I find a lot of the Korean/Japanese beauty products are like this – great variations in price depending on where you pick them up.

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